Issue tracker for projects I'm involved with. Currently, I'm focusing on mobile application development - specifically the iPhone platform.

Mobile Logger needs some work, and it's open source, so file issues or get involved!

Latest projects

  • C10CK (05/14/2011 04:01 pm)

    Binary clock app for iOS.
    Available in the App Store.

  • Pocket OCR (07/29/2010 09:43 pm)

    This project is a demonstration of implementing the Tesseract OCR engine on the iPhone platform. It works best with the iPhone 3GS and it’s autofocus lens. External lenses for older iPhones may be necessary for optimal image capture.

    To build the tesseract library, download the source code and compile appropriately for the iPhone (arm processor). Add the library to the XCode project and build....

  • Mobile Logger (07/29/2010 08:52 pm)

    Issue tracker for the open source Mobile Logger project. Code available on github. Dashboard of user data at http://mobilelogger.robertcarlsen.net.

    Log location, heading, speed, altitude, accelerometer, sound level, trip duration and distance on iPhone (and, one day, Android)....